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I'm supposed to be at Karaoke right now.. but here I am.. in front of the computer.. Joy!

A couple of days ago, I was thinking about the next couple of days.. with the company Christmas party and the final day of the Improv workshop... and then I realized they happened at the same time!! So great.. What to do what to do.. I decided to do the Improv workshop.. I do believe the staff knows I wouldn't miss the party if I didn't have an excuse..

On Thursday night, I went to a World Aids Day thing, and I ran into with an old friend, Burkhardt, whom I havent seen in years. He, of all people, is going to theological school now to become a priest, and damn, I was just so proud of him for taking such a huge turning point in his life to take on such a profession, even though he's gay and produced a animated short called 'Dead Fuck', about a gay drifter who sleeps with underage boys, gets them hooked up on smack, kills them, then has necrophilia with them. What a guy.

Saw Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner today. Man, that was a good movie.

Hopefully tommorow afternoon, I'll get up around 2p and watch an hour of 'Affair in Trinidad' before the workshop..

OK, here are your pictures..

Uh huh...

Wow, they changed the entrance to Tommorowland? Which Disney Park is this??

And finally..

Um.. yeah.

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